International Day of the Girl 2022

On October 11th, Girls Inc. Jax girls across all our programs acknowledged and celebrated International Day of the Girl as we do every year. This year, however, the girls at one of our brand new middle school sites, KIPP Bessie Coleman Academy, were treated to an extra special Day of the Girl event.

Many of the Girls Inc. girls at KIPP Bessie Coleman Academy are aspiring entrepreneurs. These girls have big dreams and Girls Inc. of Jacksonville, with the help of our board members and community partners, is here to uplift them and help their dreams become reality!

Girls Inc. of Jacksonville’s newsest program: project accelerate

We are shining a spotlight on the newest program offered by Girls Inc. of Jacksonville, Project Accelerate, an extension and upgrade to our currently established High School Program! The purpose of Project Accelerate is to increase young women’s power and influence in the workplace through workplace-development training, internship opportunities and much more.

This program is implemented with a 2-pronged approach. First, this program targets girls in 11th and 12th grades, supporting them as they transition out of high school and their teen years into post-secondary education, the workforce and adulthood. Project Accelerate participants in this portion of the program are supported in college admissions essays, scholarship applications, transitions into adulthood and support in sisterhood.

Second, Project Accelerate continues post-graduation for young women ages 18 to 24, helping them to develop employability skills, assists with paid internship placements and teaches “soft skills,” allowing them to excel in the workplace. Participants within this portion of the program receive additional help with creating connections and building their professional circles so that they may become valuable members and contributors to their workplace and communities.

Girls Inc. Alumnae Association

Girls Inc. of Jacksonville is thrilled to share that Girls Inc., as a whole, is launching an expansion to the Girls Inc. K-12 experience with the first-ever Alumnae Association! The Association includes specialized resources such as professional development, networking, career resources, and learning opportunities to support ALL alumnae throughout the various stages of their lives and branches through hundreds of Girls Inc. affiliates throughout the US and Canada.

Save the date! 7th annual women of vision celebration luncheon

Advocacy Efforts in a Changing Political Climate


By Kalia Dimitrova

Kalia joined Girls Inc. of Jacksonville for 4 months through an exchange fellowship program. Kalia experienced many parts of our program and was able to interview many people throughout – both our girls and staff members. We are grateful for Kalia’s time with us and the experiences she has shared with us.

Did you know that in addition to the work that all Girls Inc. affiliates do on school sites and centers around the country, the national organization is working on advocacy to ensure sustainable and long lasting results of their work? Focusing on many fields such as: sexual health, safety and autonomy, menstrual equity, sexual harassment, comprehensive sex education, access to meaningful opportunities, civic engagement, mental health, etc., Girls Inc. National works towards systematic solutions for the future of all girls. In this short interview, Kristen Velloza (Activation & Outreach Manager) and Kristina Benjamin (Advocacy Associate) from the Washington DC office, shared a bit more about the work that Girls Inc. does on a federal level.

Girls Inc. Jax & Humana Healthy Horizons Collaborate to support Mental Health programming

Girls Inc. of Jacksonville is collaborating with Humana Healthy Horizons in Florida to provide programming that supports mental health for girls in grades K – 12. Humana Healthy Horizons, the Medicaid business of leading health and well-being company Humana, awarded Girls Inc. of Jacksonville $8,000 for the development and implementation of programming for Girls Inc. participants.

Serious Mental Illness (SMI) is flagged as one of the three top conditions for youth in Northeast Florida. Many girls have self-identified as having suicidal ideation, experiencing mental health issues and feelings of depression. During the 2022-2023 school year, Girls Inc. of Jacksonville will deliver programs to support mental and behavioral health, including peer pressure, conflict resolution and relationship management skills and substance misuse education.

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