Girls Inc. Elementary Program

Girls Inc. of Jacksonville’s Elementary Program provides programming as part of the school day or afterschool at several partner sites throughout Duval County.  Throughout the school year, girls participate in our research-based programming focused on our core values of Strong, Smart, and Bold. Girls also receive structured programming to increase reading literacy, learn healthy habits, increase self-confidence and esteem and explore careers in STEM.


Normandy Village Elementary
8257 Herlong Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Becoming Collegiate Academy
5258 Norwood Ave Unit 3, Jacksonville, FL 32208

Parkwood Heights Elementary School
1709 Lansdowne Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32211

ICON Preparatory School
1470 W 13th St, Jacksonville, FL 32209

evidenced-based PROGRAMming

  • Literacy- Girls Inc. Literacy Program targets K-3 girls, collaborating with schools for aligned programming. This model, rooted in interactive learning, assesses individual skills, offering tailored support. The initiative inspires girls to see reading as a tool for exploration, fostering critical thinking through connections with stories and characters. The program, within a school framework, ensures quality literacy outcomes. Girls develop a love for reading, discovering new worlds and topics of interest. With hands-on activities, Girls Inc. Literacy promotes lifelong learning, empowering girls to engage with the written word and cultivate essential skills in a concise and impactful manner.

  • Civic Engagement & Leadership- Girls Inc. She Votes is a nonpartisan initiative that teaches girls of all ages about civic engagement and the democratic process. Girls learn how legislators make decisions at all levels of government and how those decisions impact the girls’ lives. Trained staff expose girls to the excitement of government and running for office through relevant activities, speakers, and field trips. Through these experiences, girls gain the skills and confidence to be future voters, candidates, and legislators.

  • Financial Literacy- She’s on the Money! uses games, role playing, art projects, and field trips to build girls’ skills for identifying and counting money and to increase their understanding of basic concepts and topics such as using banks, saving for the future, planning for a career, differentiating between needs and wants, donating and volunteering, comparison shopping, taxes and government services, and global economics.

  • Healthy Relationships- Girls Inc’s Becoming Informed program focuses on developing healthy relationships with others and with oneself. Girls learn about honesty, communication, respect, and safety and practice communicating feelings and personal boundaries. Girls explore how we are all a part of communities and how all people deserve respect.  Girls also learn about anatomy to support learning about their bodies. Girls learn accurate names for body parts and their functions and about taking care of one’s body.

  • Health & Wellness- Girls Inc. Mind+Body champions the holistic well-being of girls aged 6 to 18, acknowledging diverse factors influencing mental and physical health. Focused on four key areas, the program empowers girls to find enjoyable physical activities tailored to their lifestyle, culture, and schedule. It fosters body positivity, affirming that girls of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel good about their bodies. Addressing nutrition, girls identify healthy eating strategies aligning with their circumstances, budget, and cultural preferences. Stress management is emphasized, recognizing it as a normal part of life and teaching healthy coping mechanisms for a resilient body and mind.

  • Safety- Be BOLD builds girls’ skills and personal power for avoiding or dealing with hurtful or dangerous situations and assists them in identifying resources that contribute to their safety. Parents have a key role in supporting girls throughout the program. 

  •  Experiential Learning- Girls also participate in field trips and hands on learning experiences to expand their knowledge, learning and understanding. 


 Chelsey Pough  cpough@girlsincjax.org | 904-731-9933

My favorite thing about being at Girls Inc. is that each day there is positivity in the class environment.

U’ahjani, Age 14

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