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Girls Inc. – What Makes Us Unique?
Girls Inc. has roots dating back to 1864, beginning in New England during the Industrial Revolution. Officially founded in 1945 as Girls Clubs of America, Girls Inc. has progressed over the years through visionary leadership and through strong community support.

Research of Girl’s Issues
Concerned by the lack of knowledge about girls’ issues, Girls Incorporated decided early to take on the responsibility of increasing knowledge about girls. We began in the early ‘70’s by organizing a series of conferences convening national experts, practitioners and policymakers to identify major issues and recommend actions. These conferences punctuated the need for targeted programs for girls. In order to develop those programs, we needed sound research, reliable documentation and evaluation of pilot programs. The Girls Incorporated National Resource Center in Indianapolis was founded to provide these resources and is a vital part of Girls Inc. today. The programs delivered here in Jacksonville are developed, evaluated and monitored through this center to assure that they are effective in encouraging girls to stretch themselves, take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. The center is a national resource for information, research and publications about girls.

Girls-based Programming
A major difference in Girls Inc. methodology is that all of our programs are facilitated by trained professional staff and have measurable outcomes that assess the lessons learned. We focus on reaching girls in their formative years, educating them on choices they may not know they have, before they make decisions that can so negatively impact their lives.

Providing these programs is the cornerstone of our charter in Jacksonville. In the past year we were able to reach 1,700 girls in the Jacksonville area through our two centers, our outreach programs at schools and churches and our summer camp programs. We’re proud of our accomplishment, but believe this only the beginning and there are so many more girls that we need to reach.

Girls Incorporated is a leading advocacy organization dedicated to extending girls’ voices, issues, and concerns to policy makers, corporations, and the media. Our Girls’ Bill of Rights serves as the foundation for all of our work. These rights shape our responses to the difficult social issues facing girls, and serve as a powerful platform for empowering girls. The Girls Inc. national website can keep you posted on current legislative actions and show you how you can be an advocate for girls! Go to www.girlsinc.org to lean more.

Since 1993, over $2.18 million in scholarships have been awarded to 363 high school girls. Multiple scholarships are awarded each year and may be applied to tuition and expenses to any accredited 2- or 4-year college or university. Application is open to young women who are in the 11th or 12th grade and who are members of a Girls Incorporated affiliate.